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Steve Thomas

Great families don’t happen by accident.  They require grace, love and WORK!   Believe it or not, raising kids can be one of the best chapters of your life, though.  HomeworK with Steve Thomas is a tool kit for every parent.  Steve offers tips and ideas from his own four decades of parenting and ministry experience, and from the wisdom of others, that will help you grow your family in ways that will bring satisfaction, fulfillment and lasting joy.

Steve’s been in full-time church ministry for 45 years, doing pastoral counseling, coaching and counseling missionaries, and working with families in most any setting you can think of.  He and his wife, Debbie, are the parents of 3 amazing adult daughters and 4 fabulous grand kids.  So he knows the real world of raising kids.

  1. Ephanel Armstrong permalink

    This email couldn’t have come at a better time.
    At this time in my life I need some assistance in this area: parenting, marriage & me.

    Efie Armstrong

  2. As I was teaching a small, midweek Bible Study/Prayer group last night, one of the people again made the comment regarding how many people today just don’t know how to raise children. Great to have a pastor on line like pastor Steve who can give them such great advice here.

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