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Satanic Sneakers

March 29, 2021

I don’t like to admit that I spend time scrolling through my Twitter feed most mornings, but I do. It’s a nasty habit that I’m trying to kick. Over the last several days there have been a bunch of tweets about a satanic rapper who Nike has made custom sneakers for, which bear his satanic message. When I saw the first of these tweets, I thought, “Are you kidding me?! No way. That’s got to be a hoax.” Turns out, it’s no hoax.

Anybody else really not feeling comfortable with this?

I know, one pair of sneakers does not an entire culture make, but… But I’m old enough to have been around in a time when if this had ever even been suggested, it would have instantly been smacked down. It wouldn’t even have gotten out of the brainstorm, let alone to the design table. In fact, whoever suggested it would probably have lost their job. And the ACLU wouldn’t have come to their rescue. (Mainly because there was no ACLU…)

You are perhaps broad-minded enough to not get upset by these tweets and what prompted them, but I’m not.

But this blog isn’t about me mounting a campaign to complain these sneakers away. In case you haven’t received your memo, our complaining means basically nothing to Nike. I’m writing about what I think this actually is: a warning shot.

There’s another memo you should have gotten that says, “In the world you will have tribulation.” And one that says, “Everyone who lives a godly life will be persecuted.” And then the one that says, “…make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.”

I don’t like it, but the reality is that the world is an evil place where evil people seem to thrive and evil things happen. One day, when Jesus returns, all the evil in the world will be ended and everything will be set right. But that day hasn’t come yet. For now, we’re living in a world that is under the spell of the Evil One. Hence satanic sneakers.

This isn’t the only warning shot being fired. Scan the headlines of whatever news feed you want and you’ll get more than you need or want of warning shots.

So I’m asking a question for every Christian Mom or Dad. What are we supposed to do with this?

Disclaimer: I don’t have the ultimate, absolute answer to these questions. I have suggestions, though.

Suggestion One: PRAY! I mean, every day. Earnestly. Specifically, pray for Got to keep your kids from the influence of the evil one. Jesus prayed this prayer for us in John 17:15. My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.  That’s a prayer to pray for your kids ALL THE TIME. And for yourself, for that matter.

Suggestion Two: MONITOR. Monitor what’s coming into your home. Especially what’s coming in through your TV(s) and computer(s). This is difficult. You can’t know what your kids are looking at every minute of their waking day. I’m not suggesting that kind of monitoring. Trying to do that wouldn’t work, anyway. Your kids are way too tech-savvy. They’d figure out a work-around on it. What I mean is that what comes into your home matters, so pay attention to it. I once heard a guy say they didn’t watch network TV in their home for the same reason they didn’t drink out of the toilet. That’s pretty harsh, but the principle isn’t bad. Set boundaries. At the very least, monitor the amount of screen time your family spends. For most families, 10% less than you think would be reasonable is probably about right. OK, I don’t know that for a statistical certainty, but I’m pretty convinced that most families are way over the line of what’s reasonable. And when you figure out your boundaries on this, talk with your family about both the WHAT of the boundaries and the WHY for them.

Suggestion Three: TALK BACK TO YOUR SCREENS. When you see lies on TV or the Internet, say so. If your kids are in the room, they’ll hear you. They may think you’re a little nuts, but the already do, so. They’ll see you and hear you. The point is simple. When you call out a lie, you can talk about it with your kids. Explain why you think it’s a lie.

Suggestion Four: TABLE TALK. Conversation at meal time is one of the best tools in your parenting toolbox. This is where you will more likely transmit your values than anywhere. But to have table talk, you have to have meals together. At a table. With phones face-down and the TV turned off. I don’t want to be naïve, but I think a lot of the problems families have could be mitigated by this habit.

Suggestion Five: GET BACK TO CHURCH. Sounds like a preacher’s advice. But it matters. For more reasons than I’ve got time to write about or you have time to read about. Not the least of which is that it communicates a message to everyone in your family that God is your center. It won’t communicate that message well if the rest of the week He never gets a word in edge-wise, but if you attend church, you at least have a couple of hours where He gets center stage. And that’s something. So get back to church.

Suggestion Six: PRAY SOME MORE. In fact, solicit the prayers of people you know well enough to know that they pray and walk with God. Make an agreement with them that you’ll pray for each other’s families, following Jesus’ example (see Suggestion One).

Last Suggestion: TRUST GOD TO DO WHAT ONLY HE CAN DO.. Which is to guard the hearts of your family. Whatever may happen in the world around us, you can be confident that God isn’t taken by surprise by any of it. He’s in control, even when things are chaotic and nutty. Even when Nike makes and sells satanic sneakers.

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