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Tis the Season

October 13, 2020

Not the season to be jolly, but the season to

No Party

This means it’s also the season to have to sift through a ton of opinions and accusations, mass mail and email, commercials and ads on TV and radio for candidates I didn’t even know were running. And for a few that I wish weren’t running.

For me, tis the season to fill my trash cans (both the one in our kitchen and the one on my computer) with discarded mail and email, and to use the mute button on my remote. A lot. I’m doing both quite a bit.

In spite of all the controversy and all the rhetoric and acrimony – I felt I needed to use some big words here – it’s still the season to get registered to vote and then cast a vote for the people you believe best represent your values.

Before you do this, or at least as a part of the process, you’ll need to clarify your values. There is room for more than one opinion on what your values should be. I’ll spare you mine, except to say that since your values are derived from your core beliefs, you’ll do well to make sure they can and do align with biblical insight and instruction.

Depending on who you consult for the statistics, as many as half the registered voters didn’t vote in the 2016 election. I’m not sure I’d go that far. Half seems a little far fetched. I think those numbers may be hyperbole – exaggeration for the sake of effect.

I saw a figure that half the Christians who are registered to vote didn’t vote then, either. I think that may also be an inflated number. I’m not sure how you could calculate it. My faith and church affiliation isn’t on my voter registration. Please tell me it’s not. I’ll happily tell you what these are, but I don’t think it makes sense for them to be part of my permanent record as a registered voter. Call me an alarmist.

Inaccurate and misleading statistics aside, it’s a sure bet that lots of people who could have voted, many of whom were Christians, last time we elected a president didn’t.

I’m not campaigning for any candidate. Let me be clear on that. Vote for the person you believe best reflects and will represent your values, whomever you believe that to be. What I’m saying is V O T E! If you’re not registered GET REGISTERED! There’s still time. Just access your privilege and right to vote.

No one vote will win an election. Anyway, if there were such a thing as one vote winning an election in 2020, there would be no way to know whose vote it would have been. So I’m not saying you’ve got to vote because your vote could make the difference. But I am saying that your vote will make A difference. Your vote, along with the millions of others who vote as you do will make a difference. So get to the poll and cast your vote. Or mail it in. Arrange for a ride if you need it. Go out of your way. Do it first thing election morning. If you can’t get there first thing, and you’re in line when the polls close, the election workers are required by law to let you vote. Just get yourself there and do it.

In one way or another, to one degree or another, every federal election decides the direction of our great country. This election is sure no different from any other election in this regard. Interestingly, the Founding Fathers intended it to be this way when they set up a Democratic Republic with representative and free elections. It seems the least we can do is honor the memory of these heroic and wise individuals who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors for our liberty to vote in free elections by going a little out of our way every 4 years or so to do so.

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