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Outraged and Heartbroken

October 3, 2019

My favorite blog is Church and Culture by James Emery White. In the 5 or 6 years that I’ve been getting his blog, he’s had maybe 2 that didn’t deepen my well and provoke me to think. He’s a deep thinker and a brilliant mind.

This morning, his blog outraged me and broke my heart. I recommend you read it for yourself at:

If it doesn’t outrage you and break your heart, let me know.

In our 24/7 linked and connected world, White raises an issue that should be making every follower of Christ outraged and brokenhearted. In fact, Christian or not, every person who has an ounce of concern for the world and the future of our kids ought to be put on high alert by what he writes.

In case you didn’t break away when you came to the web address, I’ll give you a thumbnail sketch of what he wrote, and then you need to click on the address and read it for yourself. “Ready for the Millstones” is about child pornography and child sexual abuse. It’s not the kind of thing most of us look for to read over breakfast and enrich our day. And it’s way not what I’ve come to expect from the New York Times. (Sorry. That was political.) You’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

The section that most disturbed me is what Sarah Chang wrote in an article she wrote for the NYT about her first child pornography case. Her coworkers warned her to view the videos with the sound off.

She turned the volume up as high as she could, but all she heard was silence. The five-year-old girl said nothing; she didn’t even sob. And that’s what she found in video after video—silent suffering.

She later learned that this is a typical reaction of young sexual abuse victims. Psychiatrists say the silence conveys their sense of helplessness, which is also why they are reluctant to report the incidents and why their tendency is to accommodate their abusers. Their helplessness is rooted in the complete breach of trust they’ve experienced because, all too often, their abusers are people they expected would protect them. 

I’m struggling to extend grace to the perpetrators. It seems so heinous, so inhumane, to do this to a child. Unthinkably so. These are often children as young as age 3.

White doesn’t just raise an alarm. He gives some useful commonsense steps for Christians (anyone, actually) to take toward responding to this abhorrent and now pandemic issue. I leave you to read them (and then act on them). Go back up and open Church and Culture and read it for yourself. It will take you less time than you give my normal posts. And I think it may ignite your heart in an uncommon way. It did mine.

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