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A Change for Me

May 6, 2019

Debbie and I are in a change of season.  Neither of us is great with change.  We’ve learned how to adapt and adjust to what God brings or permits in our lives, but we’re not eager to change, usually.  Our life is calling for a change right now, though.

Over the past three and a half years, we’ve have been thankful to be able to contribute to the growth and health of Cornerstone Community Church, in Manchester, Iowa.  We’ve been blessed to be included in loving relationships here, and have been blessed with a place to serve that fits with our gifts and background.  I think we have stewarded this time well.

When Tim Agrimson resigned a little more than 2 years ago, I wanted to do whatever I could to help the church and its leadership be ready to move forward under fresh leadership toward what I believe is a very wonderful and fruitful future for the sake of God’s Kingdom here in Manchester and beyond in the wider world.  I stepped into the Interim Lead Pastor role, at the invitation of the Elders, and I gave my best effort to rethinking our systems and organization, and guiding the Elders toward a different way of thinking about their role, and Cornerstone and its structure.

When we started our search for a new Lead Pastor, part of this prayerful and thoughtful  process was developing an intentional plan for transitioning the leadership of Cornerstone into the hands for the new leader God would provide, and removing as many obstacles for his leadership as possible.  Joe Camp is this leader.

The transition and succession plan that the Elders and I originally had in mind had placed Joe’s full installation as Lead Pastor in April, through a phased process over a six month period.  When Joe arrived and settled in, it became clear he didn’t need a lengthy transition.  By December, when I returned from an Open Door Library overseas trip, it was obvious that our original succession plan was unnecessary.  So we scraped it.

I think I have achieved my goal of getting Cornerstone ready for new leadership.  So I have resigned, and Debbie and I are looking for what God has in mind for our next season.

Debbie’s contract as Children’s Ministry Coordinator, here at Cornerstone, is completed May 31, and my resignation will be effective on May 31, as well.  We will leave for our next Open Door Library trip on June 3 and will return on July 4.  We will be leaving the area sometime in July, and are hopeful about where God will relocate us, but at this point don’t know where this will be.  Your prayers for this would be much appreciated.

We love Cornerstone and are grateful for the friendships we’ve been blessed here.  I wish the Cornerstone church family, Joe and the elders every good blessing from God, and that Cornerstone will continue to reach its potential for influencing and transforming lives here in Delaware County, and into the wider world.

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  1. Becky Bardgett permalink

    I will miss you so much!

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