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For Parents of Teens

February 12, 2019

It seems like a hundred years ago (although it was probably only 35 or 40), we showed a James Dobson film series at our church in Tulsa called, Turn Your Heart Toward Home.  I don’t know that you can even get it any more.  It was on 35 mm film back then.  If you’re a young parent, you may not know about James Dobson.  He was the pioneer of marriage and family teaching for Christians in the 70s and through the 90s.  He’s the founder of Focus On The Family, one of the finest resources for Christian families in the world.  Anyway, he was wise and compassionate and funny.  All the things that made him easy to listen to and a fabulous resource for parenting.

In one of the films in this series, he talked about parenting teens.  It was great.  One of the things he said has stuck with me for all these years.  He said, “The main objective of parenting through your kids’ adolescent years is: JUST GET THROUGH IT.”  We were on the threshold of our kids becoming teens, and I was a youth minister, working with everybody else’s teens.  These were liberating words to hear.  I believe he was right.

Today, unlike the early years in this area in the church, there are many dozens of books, videos, podcasts, etc., to assist you as you’re raising your teenagers.  Dobson is still a worthy resource, and so is Focus On The Family.  I want to recommend another resource that is dialed in for teens and parents of teens, especially on problem teens, but not exclusively so.  It’s called heartlight ministries.  If you type in, you’ll connect with their home page.

I want to recommend a particular resource they’ve made available FOR FREE, for parents of teens.  It’s on developing rules and consequences for your teen.  It’s a practical workbook for making your way through the minefield of adolescent challenges that could be one of the best things I can recommend to you.  Here’s the link (sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to shorten the link):

Download this free resource and see if it doesn’t give you some real-world help with one of the hardest things to do when your kids are adolescents.

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